sigrun Hardardottir


Sigrun Hardardottir's art creation started with painting when she was 12 years old. She has continued to paint over the years in between the times that she has explored other mediums. Her painting techniques and themes have changed over the time working mainly with oil paint and watercolors at her early years but changing to acrilic as medium in her later works.

In 2013 she begun to work with the theme Garden in a performance "Conversation between grand piano and canvas"


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Recent exhibition

hv118 postulinsblom blomstur4 Vor4 skofir4 blahnodrar04 hverarosir4
  Postulínsblóm Blómstur Vor Skófir Bláhnodrar Hverarósir
  hellisheidi4 vietnamskurskogur4 summer4 eftirvor2 eftirvorkemursumar gardur_20jun-2
Hellisheiði Víetnamskur skógur Sumar Eftri vor ... Eftir vor kemur sumar Gardur
morgning vetrarrosirll jonsmessa2018-2 moonlight vetrarskogur  
Hnodrar Vetrarrósir ll Jonsmessa Moonlight Vetrarskógur