The theme of Gaia refers to Mother earth who, according to
Greek mythology, is the “Mother of all” and who was never separated from the earth nor personalized. This theme allows me to reflect on the resemblance between human expression and the forces of nature as well as the sonic and visual diversity of water and earth.

sigrun Hardardottir

  Gaia Breathing Variation lll


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Gaia Breathing Variation lll.
Video for screening 2011 - 2017
Duration: 5 min, HD, Pal, Color, Stereo

Gaia Breathing Variation lll is a modified version of Gaia Breathing. This work was created to form a dialogue with light and mouvement work created for Pharos light system at Keflavik Airport.

Exhibited at the Keflavik airport in 2018

Exhibited at Listasafn Arnesinga (Art museum og Arnessysla) Hveragerdi 2018