sigrun Hardardottir

  Self Portrait shows the creation of a portrait painting
starting from the white screen and progressing to a fully colored one. The soundtrack is composed of different layers reflecting a workshop that I participated in at Monte Video Amsterdam October 1985, given by Woody and Steina Vasulka.


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Self Portrait. Video for screening. 1985
6 min.10 sec., U-matic (¾´), Pal, Color, Stereo.

Self Portrait was made with the paint box of a Fairlight
effect machine.

Exhibited at the National Galley of Iceland " Moving Pictures" 2008 - 2009 “Die Islander Kommen” traveling exhibition in Germany, organized by the National Gallery of Iceland 1990.
National Gallery of Iceland, 1988 “IBM” Kjarvalsstadir, Iceland 1987. TV channel 2 Iceland.  In February 1987.
Gallerí Borg, Iceland 1986. Monte Video, The Netherlands,1985.

Co-Productio with Monte Video, Amsterdam The Netherlands.

Purchased by the National Gallery of Iceland 1988.