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sh-700-430 Sigrun Hardardottir is a visual artist born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1954. She has been living and working in The Netherlands, in Quebec Canada and in Iceland.

Sigrun works in different medium but technology plays an important role in the way she chooses to execute her reflections on her topics. From 2D creations to complexed interactive environements, her works reflect on the forces of nature in her Gaia, Geysers and Volcano series, relations and emotions in her Dialogue and Mouvement series, as well as studies into the relation between the realistic image and the abstract one in the video Dawn, in her portrait serie and most recently her garden, forest series.

In recent years Sigrún has focused on the place of the audience and the possibility of audience participation in the display of an artwork as well as co-creating personal and unique experience of the work with ones participation.

Sigrun has exhibited her works in Iceland, Canada, USA, France,
The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, The Shetland Islands, Latvia, Hong Kong, and China.

Her works can be found in public collections in Iceland and The Netherlands and in private collections in Iceland, Canada, USA,
The Netherlands, France and Switzerland

Contact: sigrun@sigrunhardar.is