sigrun Hardardottir

hv118 For Sigrun video is a fascinating tool to paint with:

"In addition to colors and forms I now have time, evolution over time and sound as well. It can all be used combined
to create a rhythm multisensoral experience".

Sigrun Hardardottir does also use video in installation settings where the role of the audience has been designed to participate
in the evolution of the display with the help of sensors and interactivity".


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hv118 hvergerdi2 hb-rythm01-1 ondvegi2 Gaiainaction4 gaiabreathing10 gaiabreathingvariationlll2 gaiastreaming2
  hver / gerdi The Rhythm of Geysers Ondvegissulur Gaia in Action Gaia Breathing Gaia Breathing Variation lll Gaia Streaming
  propulsion2 juxtaposition - 1 - 2 dawn10 self_04-2 vatn refrain2 whisper2
Propulsion Juxtaposition Dawn Selfportret Song of Geysers Refrain Whisper