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Dawn. Video installation 1986, with 1 min extract from video simulation. Dawn is made for 3 monitors and a synchronizer. 
6 min. 10 sec, U-matic (¾´), Pal, Color Stereo. It has been digitalized and is from 2017 synchronized with computer play back of videos

Dawn deals with the connection between the realistic image
and the abstract one.The image is of people moving from one
screen to the next. With repeating shooting of the last shot shows
this connection. As colors and forms reflect light in a different way, the form of the facial features separates slowly and with the progressing of the repetition the facial features separates
one another into independant abstract forms. With movement
from one screen to the next the TV is in the foreground as an object that can be accessed from the side as one might be walking into
the frame and out of it again.




Exhibited :
2017 in "Bout - four bouts of video works" at Reykjavik Art Museum 2013 in "Video from 1975 - 1990" at Reykjavik Art Museum.
1986 in Öskjuhlíd, Reykjavik, Iceland and at Gallery Time Based Arts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Brodcasted :
1987 February in program "Eitt stykki tilraun" on The National TV in Iceland (RUV) .

Public collection:
Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland.
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Distributed by: LIMA, The Netherlands

Co-produced by: The Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands