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From the exhibition
Torg Art Fair
at Korpulfsstadir
Reykjavik , Iceland 2023
With 2 works from the serie Litli Hrútur 2023 and my first carved wood sculpture.


Litli Hrútur 2023 1/10.
Mixed media 50cm x 50cm (52 x 52 with frame). 2023

Litli Hrútur is a serie of 10 works in memory of volcanic eruption in Litli Hrutur in 2023 in Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland.

The Reykjanes peninsula is now "operating a stone production" with volcanic eruption every year for the last 3 years. According to the volcanologues we will see more of this activity in near future.
I have desided to make one serie of works in honor to each one of those volcanic eruptions starting with the most recent one in 2023.