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This work arose out of a discussion about the proposed bank sale of Íslandsbanki in Iceland and then its implementation, which has been widely discussed..

When the proposed bank sale was announced, the message followed that only large investors could bid for the shares. The project did not follow the board's recommendations and the biggest flaw in this project was that Íslandsbanki's securities dealers were given permission by their own bank managers to bid for shares.
Therefore, it can be said that they have sat on both sides of the table and therefore it is in their interest to keep the price down. Have we learned from this?

The idea of acquiring a stake in a bank became the idea of acquiring a stake in a painting. Why can we acquire shares in banks or companies but not in works of art? I was preparing a piece for this exhibition at the same time that the discussion about the bank sale was in all the media,

I see this work as my response to a great social debate and invite visitors to this exhibition to buy a part of this painting.

  Hlutverk- Sharework. Acrilic on canvas 2021
20 x 20cm x 13 30 x 30 cm x 12, 40 x 40 cm x 4, 20 x 80 cm x 2

MHI 40 - 440