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  Top 3 photos are from exhibition in LÁ Art museum, Hveragerdi 2018 Bottom photos from Exhibition in Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjördur 2006  

The Rhythm of Geysers is a poem to the earth bringing to the foreground the musical diversity of the geothermal site.

The visitor’s participation is needed for the evolution of the display
of the work. By participating the user creates his/hers personal experience of visual and sound composition of the geysers.
The experience of the one participating is similar to playing
an instrument or rather being a conductor of different
musicians playing different instruments.

The different geysers are the musical instruments of this work
and the musical harmony are created by the different rhythm
and pitches reached at different stages of an eruption


The Rhythm of Geysers - Hrynjandi Hvera, Interactive Video installation from 2004. With 3 min extract from video
documentation made at the exhibition in Hafnarborg 2006

Floor interface with 9 sensors, 2 computers running MAX/MSP Jitter, 2 projectors, 38 videos in loops of 5 sec. format SD, NTSC, Color, Stereo.

Exhibited in Iceland in 2018 at L Á Art Museum in Hveragerdi,
2016 at The National Gallery of Iceland, 2011 at 700 Reendeerland Egilsstadir, 2006 at Hafnarborg - Center of Culture and Fine Art, Hafnafjörður, Iceland and in Canada 2004 at UQAM ( University of Quebec in Montreal).

Public collection - The National Gallery of Iceland