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hverasongur Song of Geysers / Hverasöngur 1997

Video/sound/sculpture installation for 1 monitor, 1 player, 2 audio players, 6 speakers and 3 metal sculptures. Duration 1 hour, VHS NTSC, Color, 3 Stereo Soundtracks.

By closer study of the geyser, an endless world of variety and visual rhythm opens up. Their voices span from deep roaring tones to
high-pitched ones. The changing rhythm is a result of the size and shape of the geysers, as well as the pressure of the water, which affects the frequency of the eruptions. Capturing the geyser in cylinders refers to the harvesting of the geothermal hot springs where surface activity of the geyser is no longer visible.

Exhibited 1997 in: Hafnarborg - Center of Culture and Fine Art, Hafnarfjördur, Iceland.

Public Collection Reykjavík Energy company Orkuveita Reykjavikur.