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Hver Gerdi addresses the two main aspect that one can claim that defines the town of Hveragerdi. On one hand the geothermal surface
activity with mud pot is the main characteristic of the site. On the
other hand gardens and the greenhouse agriculture that was the
foundation for the development of this town. The visitor is invited
to sit down as the settlers did, settle in and by that he discovers
the gardens that followed the settlement.

The title of this work is also a play with words, Hver means geyser
in Icelandic but it also means who and Gerdi is garden but can also mean did or Hver Gerdi /Who Did.

This installation is a result of collaboration between Sigrun Hardardottir and Joseph T. Foley engineer and teacher
at Reykjavik University.



Hver Gerdi is a interactive video/sculpture installation from 2018, where the participation of the visitor is requested in order for the work to evolve. The installation components include musical string instrument where each string is connected to a sensor that is red by computer program and displayes video accordingly. There are 6 videos controlled by the "harp". There is also a distance range sensor controling playback of 3 videos and a seat pressure sensor controling the shift between the "hver" (geyser ) and "gerdi" (garden)

Hver Gerdi is made for 1 interactive instrumental string sculpture,
1 interactive chair, 1 distance sensing sensor, 1 projector, 3 arduino's,
2 speakers, 1 computer running MAX/MSP Jitter and 9 videos in
loops of 1 min format HD, color, Pal, sterio. With 2 min extract from video documentation. With 2 min extract from video documentation

Exhibited in LÁ Art Museum, Hveragerdi, Iceland in 2018