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OndvegiC Öndvegissúlur - Le Volcan/Le Geyser 1995, with 1 min. extract from video documentation.

The promised land for the first settler in Iceland, Ingolfur Arnarson, is a prosperous nurturing low temperature geothermal site, that is situated next to chain of destructive volcanos. Ingolfurs sculpted high seat pillars which he threw into the ocean as he saw the first glimpse of the new land arise from the ocean while stating that he would build his colony where those pillars came to shore.

The pillars represented the duality of the opposite, on one hand
the spiritual leader and on the other the warrior.

The site Ingolfur settled, carries the duality of constructive and destructive forces.

Video/sculpture installation originally for 8 monitors, 8 players,
16 speakers and 2 metal sculptures from 1995. From 2018 Öndvegissúlur is set up for 2 column's, 2 projectors, 2 Raspery Pi
and 2 speakers. Video loop, duration 1 hour, Beta Cam NTSC, Color, Stereo.

The video of the Volcan is borrowed from 1964 film"Birth of an Island" by documentary filmmaker Osvaldur Knudsen with permission from Vilhjalmur Knudsen.

Exhibited 2018 in LÁ Art Museum, Hveragerdi, Iceland.