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Pressure from Earth’s crust tectonic points, which finds its way through it to the surface as boiling, erupting geysers, is the topic
of this work. The sculpturs emphasizes the build up of sulphures
and minerals around the geysers mouth.

The analysis of the characteristics of geothermal areas allowed
me to interpret the Earth as a living being, which communicates
through the mouths of its volcanoes and its geysers. Its beats
are also felt by earthquakes, but the eruptive geysers reveal
the different rhythms.




Propulsions, Video/sculpture installation 1999
Propulsion is made for 2 monitors, 2 players, 4 speakers and
2 sculptures. Duration 1 hour, SD NTSC, Color, 2 Stereo
With 1 min extract from videos.

Exhibited at: Gallery Réne D. Harrisson, Montreal, Canada 1999.